Requalification of Type IV Pressure Vessels in CNG Service

Requalification of Type IV Pressure Vessels in CNG Service FIBA was granted special approval by the Department of Transportation to requalify Type IV pressure vessels manufactured by Hexagon Lincoln using hydrostatic testing under Special Permit 14951. This approval allows... Read more

U.S. DOT Special Permit Regulations

What is a special permit? A special permit is a document issued by the Associate Administrator or Secretary of Transportation of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) permitting a person (see below definition of a person) to perform... Read more

Selection of Methods for Requalification of Compressed Gas Cylinders and Tubes

Q.  What does requalification mean? A.  Requalification means the completion of a visual inspection and/or the test(s) required to be performed on a cylinder to determine its suitability for continued service.”  Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 (Transportation) Part... Read more

Internal Cleanliness of Steel Vessels for High Purity Applications

Many steel pressure vessels are utilized for the global shipment of electronic-grade gases, such as silane, NF3, HCl and N2O, which are used for the manufacturing of semiconductor materials. The purity of this gas is paramount to semiconductor quality... Read more

UPDATE: Fill Pressure in Hydrogen Service

NOTE:  DOT regulatory changes require the March 25, 2013 posting to be updated. SP No Longer Required for 10% Overfill in Hydrogen Service As noted in a prior blog, FIBA manufactures 3AA ton containers and 3AAX tubes. By DOT... Read more

FIBA Composite Gas Trailers

FIBA Technologies is blazing a path to the future with new lightweight compressed gas trailers using aerospace grade carbon fibers and advanced polymers. The result is the ability to reduce fleet sizes by carrying more gas and less steel... Read more

High Pressure Hydrogen Type II Vessel

Since its founding in 1958, FIBA Technologies, Inc. (FIBA) has consistently strived to be a leader in the compressed gas storage and transportation industry.  This industry includes equipment for alternative fuels, such as liquid natural gas (LNG), compressed natural... Read more

30 Years at the CGA

Between September 30, 2014 and October 2, 2014, FIBA participated in the 2ND CGA Cylinder Requalification Operations Safety Seminar.  FIBA’s President and CEO, Jack Finn, opened the seminar with a keynote address entitled 30 Years at the CGA.  Jack provided a... Read more

Cylinder Ultrasonic Examination

DOT pressure vessels (cylinders) require periodic inspections to evaluate the integrity and safety of each vessel. After years in use, it is important that authorized holders of a Requalification Identification Number (RIN) conduct a thorough examination of each vessel.... Read more

Oxygen Cleaning Services

Risks Associated with Oxygen-Enriched Environments Cleaning for oxygen service, or oxygen cleaning, is the process of contaminant removal from components to be used in oxygen service.  An enriched oxygen environment (defined by OSHA as greater than 23.5% oxygen by... Read more